Qualified Purchasing Agent

Use our experience and QPA license to meet your organization’s needs. Review aggregations, benefit from the enhanced licensing benefits, and ensure compliance with NJ DLGS regulations—audit Pay to Play compliance and review purchasing aggregations.

Chief Dolan will work with your organization’s governing body and chief executives to ensure that all relevant purchasing laws are followed, and best practices are in place. This also comes with using the $44,000 bid threshold by appointing a Qualified Purchasing Agent. We will work with your CFO to ensure a properly documented history of approvals to endure audit compliance.

Review Bids & Requests for Proposals

RMD Associates has a vast library of bid specifications and RFP’s. We can help meet your simple and complex procurement needs. As a licensed QPA, we also review incoming bid specifications and RFP’s for compliance with NJ’s complex purchasing laws.

Public Works Contracts can be complex. Certified payrolls and prevailing wage calculations are confusing and being unsure of the Department of Labor regulations can be costly mistakes. We can assist with identifying applicable cooperative purchasing agreements, both locally and nationally.

Project Management for Law Enforcement and Emergency Services

Have a complicated IT project for your agency? Are you trying to meet the needs of your residents and your employees while keeping costs low and accountability high? Take advantage of our specialization and experience for these complicated and expensive projects.

Chief Dolan has a wide range of experience to offer your organization. From complex radio systems for public safety to Computer Aided Dispatch, RMD Associates has extensive experience. Chief Dolan was responsible for these projects as the Township’s Project Manager keeping projects moving and within budget. We even have extensive experience with planning, hiring, licensing Township based Career Emergency Medical Services and Career Fire Departments.